Lease & Tenancy Agreements & Disputes

Hedleys bring extensive legal expertise to lease and tenancy agreements which can be particularly trying for both landlord and tenant alike.

It is vital that legal advice needs to be taken when any contract such as commercial lease agreements are drafted. It is important that the terms and conditions need to be clearly defined in the agreement and fully understood by all parties to the agreement. Parties entering into the contract must fully understand the terms of the agreement otherwise the agreement may not be enforced in a court of law.

Our team of lawyers are also experienced in negotiating the terms of agreement with landlords and is a service that has been very well received by our clients.

We can advise prospective tenants on the suitability of terms and conditions of commercial leases and can advise if the agreement appears more weighted to the landlord. Legal advice should be sought prior to signing any contract.

However, should a dispute arise with an existing agreement, Hedleys can advise on any legal issues relating to your agreement with an aim to resolving the matter quickly.

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