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Making a will quite simply enables you to choose who will inherit your property if anything should happen to you or your partner, instead of leaving the choice to the law.

In passing assets to others you should consider not merely who is to receive those assets but how they are to receive them. The use of a trust may be appropriate to protect assets for your beneficiaries

Dealing with the administration of an estate of someone who has died can be upsetting, stressful and time consuming. We aim to remove some of the burden by dealing with such probate issues as working with executors and beneficiaries in a sensitive and efficient manner.

Inheritance claims can be potentially contentious and stressful if not sensitively managed, our specialists can again work with you to prevent any such issues and ensure a successful resolution of the claim.

We can advise you on the various taxation issues which arise in the administration of estates and the preparation of wills.


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